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All-Dry Drain Tile System

The All-Dry Drain Tile System is used for interior basement waterproofing by creating water drainage.

The first step is to dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement. By digging this trench, the drain tile can be sloped to direct water movement.

The square drain tile (French drain) is installed next to the footing, below the concrete slab floor. The drain tile system can be used with a wall vapor barrier that directs water vapor to the drain tile to keep the basement free from mold and mildew. The drain then draws water from under the slab and drains this water to the sump pump, which channels the water outside.

All-Dry's drain tile system is specially engineered for installation on the basement footing. This method keeps the drain tile out of the dirt and mud, making it resistant to clogging. A special border creates a clean edge at the basement wall, which prevents dirt and debris from falling into the system.

Injection Repair Methods

All-Dry of Chicago technicians are highly trained in injection technology. We use quality products and the latest technology and solutions including epoxy and urethane resins. Each home's situation is individually assessed and the correct and appropriate solution is determined for its repair. All-Dry has a wide variety of products available to meet the needs of both wet and dry conditions, and structural or non-structural requirements.

More than 95% of residential basement cracks are non-structural, but resulting water seepage poses a huge threat. A polyurethane concrete crack injection will form an impenetrable barrier to stop water seepage. Since polyurethane resin is flexible, it will allow natural movement of the concrete that occurs due to shrinkage, expansion and settling.

Our water-resistant hydrophobic polyurethane polymer works to repair wet or leaking cracks. It expands to fill walls up to 24 inches thick and 20 times its volume, ensuring that the full depth and length of the crack is filled.

Concrete Raising

AllDry can fulfill all your Concrete Raising needs by pumping a mortar-based mixture of water, soil, sand and Portland cement underneath a settling slab. The mixture fills the empty spaces and creates upward pressure on the slab lifting the surface upwards. The injected material then cures to become a solid, stable fill.