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Inside Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago Suburbs

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Basement Waterproofing Chicago

Wet soil conditions in the Midwest often lead to water from wet soil leaking into basements. Water enters through walls, floors and everywhere in between, and puts your home and belongings at risk. All-Dry has a variety of methods and services that will keep your basement dry, and protect your largest investment - your home.

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Epoxy Injection

Our products repair cracks, voids, leaks and a variety of surfaces. An epoxy injection creates a bond equal to the original strength of the concrete in your building structure. This injection will not only stop water, but will provide strength to a building's foundation. The immense strength and bond created by epoxy injections create a bond that prevents damage from structural cracks.

Inside Crack Repair

If your basement foundation is made of solid concrete, All-Dry can repair hairline concrete cracks with an epoxy or polyurethane pressure injection. This method works by installing insertion ports along the foundation crack, and injecting the epoxy or polyurethane into the crack.

Outside Crack Repair

In some instances, a crack needs to be repaired from the exterior. This depends on factors such as the type of foundation and condition your basement. If your basement is made of block, stone or brick then it most likely needs to be repaired from the outside. (This is also dependent on the number of cracks, placement and severity of the damaged foundation wall.)

We remove the dirt from the exterior and utilize the best method to seal the crack and protect your foundation.