Why All Dry of Chicago Chicago?

All-Dry of Chicago specializes in eliminating water seepage problems. Our services range from repairing foundation cracks on the inside and/or outside of your home to installing our unique drain-tile system. We have been serving the waterproofing needs of Chicagoland's homeowners since 1985.

All-Dry is a national company that has manufactured basement waterproofing systems since the early 1970s. With our expertise, experience and a wide variety of advanced materials, we provide long-term solutions to your basement water problems. All-Dry of Chicago is also owner operated. Your concerns are addressed and resolved immediately.

How We Work

Water seepage in your home is a huge inconvenience. All-Dry of Chicago works to provide an easy, hassle-free and efficient solution.

Our experts will come to your home at your convenience, and provide a free waterproofing consultation and estimate for servicing your waterproofing needs.

We do our best not to disturb your life. We get the job done right - and quick, so that you can enjoy your dry basement soon after we begin work.

What Clients Are Saying:

I had All-Dry do two different jobs on my 100+ year old Oak Park home.

We were getting water in the NE corner. Rob looked at everything and determined we had hydrostatic pressure. He installed a drain tile system just for a 10-foot stretch. He added a pit and sump pump. We've never had a drop of water there since.

Then, three years later, we've decided to finish the basement. I called Rob back and his guys did drain tile on the whole basement. Terrific job. They added a lot of extra concrete where the old floor had crumbled - and didn't complain about it.

I'd highly recommend Rob and All-Dry of Chicago.